Singapore Flight Info

- Singapore Changi Airport REAL TIME Flight Information
- Fast and User Friendly Interface
- Cargo/Passenger Flights of the day before yesterday, yesterday, today and tomorrow can be queried
- Search Function (by Flight Number, City Name or Aircraft Type)
- Flight Status Monitoring Service (Check every 5 minutes, max 5 flights)
- Flight Reminder
- Flight History (past 15 flights)
- Airline Information
- ATC Radio
- Airport Floor Map
- Flight Radar
- Home screen widget
- Available in English and Traditional/Simplified Chinese

Paid version is available for more functions.

1. Flight Monitoring Service will automatically start on startup ONLY if the service was running before previous shutdown. You can disable this feature in the Setting page.
2. NO data will be used if there is no active flight added to the watch list even the monitoring service is running. (Active flight means the flight is not yet arrived or departed)
3. To STOP the monitoring service, press the stop button on the right upper corner at the WATCH LIST tab.
4. Comment and ask on the Facebook page before you rate 1 star. Comments in the Play Store cannot be replied.

Required Permissions:
- Retrieve data from Internet
- Check if the phone has Internet connection
- Vibrate on flight status change
- ATC radio will pause when there is incoming phone call
- Resume Monitoring service after phone boot up (Only if Monitoring service was running before phone previous shutdown)
- Flight Monitoring Service
- Check for License
- Google Maps Service

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EK Studio