Cheating Tom 3 - Genius School

Cheating Tom 3 - Genius School

Very interesting game. But we are strictly warning you to DO NOT TRY THIS AT (GENIUS) SCHOOL. Cheating Tom’s back and he’s bolder than ever, in this awesome cheating game! This time he’s got to cheat his way through genius school! Help him pretend he’s one of the best students and cheat his way through biology, history, art, science and sports worlds! Something sinister seems to be going on at school – help Tom survive the craziness! Tom’s gotten so good at cheating his way through school, that he’s been mistaken for a genius! He’s even been invited to a special genius school full of the brightest students. Something shady is going on - turns out the faculty is sucking out the students’ super brains with a brain-sucking machine and using their genius minds to take over the world! Help Tom graduate without getting his brain sucked out!. This App is free to play but certain in-game items may require payment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device. , hope you will enjoy it.


1. Help Tom cheat his way through genius school!

2. Help Tom master the crazy worlds of biology, history, art, science and sports!

3. Choose your avatar - Tom or Taffy – and get cheating!

4. 100 challenging game levels & extra special game modes for extra fun cheating.

5. New upgradeable power-ups and in-game currency to enhance gameplay.

6. Nasty teachers & totally nerdy students with new behaviors!

7.  Awesome yearbook with tons of ridiculous students and teachers!

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